Sunday, September 16, 2007


Even though God has created each of us with a free will, He has also, in His most infinite mercy, given us a Guide to help us develop that free will into a tool that can be a tremendous aid in our salvation ~ and the voice that speaks to us through that tool is our Guardian Angel, bringing to us the inspirations and guidance of the Holy Spirit. Speaking to us through our conscience, our Angel makes His will known to us if we are listening.
In my studies for the Opus Angelorum, I have gotten into the habit of seeking silence, so as to be able to listen more acutely to my Angel, my most beloved 'Friend.'...this is what I call him for this is what he is.
When I was in the First Grade, I heard from my teacher, Sister Maxine, SSJ, that we, each of us, have an Angel to call our very own. This was great news to a little girl who had felt all alone her entire life, even though she had three sisters and one brother(later, two)...but for whatever reason, never felt quite at home in her own family.
But deep down, I knew that my Angel would always know and understand me.
Our Angel is created with a personality similar to our own, as I've said before, and God has chosen each of them to be Guardians to one person from all eternity. The only difference here is that the Angels are, of course, perfect and we, of course, are not! But in temperament, our Angels are very similar to us. I have always supposed this to be because God had wanted our Angels to understand us in a way that no one else could...
Most Guardian Angels are chosen from the Choir of Angels...the third member Choir of the Third Ring of Choirs (Ring of Redemption) that surround the Throne of the Trinity at all times...and yet, the closest to us humans. They are the most accessible to anyone who needs their help, they can get aid for us from any of the other eight Choirs at any time whenever we need their extra help. And for the most part, the Guardians were created with this specific purpose in God's mind.
On occasion, I have enlisted the help of other Angels as well, besides Friend alone. There was a time during which my family was being harassed and actually threatened, and I enlisted the help of the Prince of the Archangels himself, St. Michael, the Patron of my family in more than one capacity ~ my husband as his namesake, my own as an artist ~ and no harm was done to us. Our home was surrounded by all of our Guardians (all ten of them!) on special 'alert' status, and St. Michael kept his watchful eye on things for us until things died down...he is an amazing Soldier to have on one's side if the need ever arises!
I also am in the habit of sending Friend on missions for me...he is quite fond of bilocating and spending time with Our Lord in His Hidden Home when I can't get there in person...for example, now with my knee healing from a fall, and I am having a hard time getting around, I send him there to visit Him.
When members of my family are on the road, especially long trips on the highway, Friend is always there to keep watch over them until they reach their destinations safely. He keeps them on the 'right road' along with their own Guardians and that most noble Patron of travelers, St. Raphael, another Archangel with whom I am in constant contact.
The name 'angel' means, as I have said before, not what they are, but what they do. And no matter what I ask of them, they are always there to help me...just as they stand ready to help anyone who calls upon them.
My Guardian Angel is my best friend. I can feel his presence and his inspiration always with me...putting ideas into my head to do this or that, for the greater glory of God, the honor of His Blessed Mother, the Queen of the Angels, and constantly prodding me to call upon the Saints and the other Angels for what ever I need.
Years ago, when I first read Fr. Fox's book, The World and Work of the Holy Angels, I was immediately smitten with the idea that someday I, too, could possibly become a member of the Opus Sanctorum Angelorum...but at the time my children were small, so I was too busy to think beyond the 'someday'.
Now, having become members of a parish where such things are more accessible, and after the mission/retreat that the national Director conducted there (co-incidentally the same week we registered!) I am able to follow this dream that I have had for so many years.
If there was a wish that I could make for everyone, it would be that they could all become familiar with their own Angels...knowing them as they truly are, listening to them with humble silence and obedience...becoming as close to them as I feel to my own Friend.
When we are in Heaven, we will spend eternity with our own Guardians as our constant companions, and I, for one, could not think of a happier fate than that!


Kate said...

I often find myself asking my angel to bilocate for me. I yearn for a closer relationship with mine, but I guess I'm having problems figuring out how to "get there". Having read that my angel has a personality like mine...really makes me wonder how it became a angel! LOL!!!! *hugs to you*

Heather said...

I loved this post and hope to get to know my angel a lot better because of it!


Micki said...

What a beautiful angel card. Is it a personal holy card or is it a picture from a book etc?

With our Guardian Angel feast day just around the corner this is a great post to read.

~~JennD.'J.M.J.'~* said...

Micki! Hi and how are you?!? :)
I found this card through a Google search...and it looked to be old enough to be copyright-free, from one of those e-card sites.
It really is lovely, isn't it? And just like my beloved Friend, showing a peaceful and loving 'presence'...
Praise God for His gift of the Angels!!! xo

~~JennD.'J.M.J.'~* said...

for Kate & Heather ~ I will be posting from time to time about what I learn from the OA ~ so stay tuned, and you can learn more about your own Angels, too!
The first thing you need to remember, is to find a quiet moment w/e possible and really 'listen' to your heart ~ just the simple words, 'Be still, my soul' can work wonders! LOL...