Friday, June 10, 2011

Blessed Sources

Well, here I am finally...back after a lo-ong hiatus from writing & the very first thing I intend to do is post a link to a Catholic site that was sent to me by a reader & follower, Jinny, who is a recent convert to our Faith & who was kind enough to send this link to me & suggest that I check it out: .
So far as I can tell, there is not a huge selection offered here, but I am assuming that is only because they are run by a small group, limited supplies of some things & other links within the site have nothing listed...but with that being said, of all the things that I did see, everything is strictly CATHOLIC! I like that alot!! lol...
I have never heard of the Scapular of St. Jude, but being a devotee, I would be willing to check it out...except that I already wear the Brown Scapular of Mt. Carmel...however, anything that promotes devotion to this most wonderful & kind-hearted Saint is good in my book!
There are other interesting & little-known offerings here as well, such as St. John's Wort blessed by Bl. Pope John Paul II, various chants on CD, a wooden Rosary blessed by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, and also blessed by him, a Scapular of St. Benedict. And a more popular & wide-spread devotional item is, of course, water from the Grotto @ Lourdes ~ one of my own personal favorites. *Our Lady has certainly helped my family out of several dilemmas whenever I have used Her sacramental, so this one is a HUGE deal to me.*
All in all, this site is surely worth a closer look for those who are looking for the unusual, strictly Catholic, items, some of which I don't think will be found anywhere if you are so inclined, feel free to check it out! You just might find something here that is not offered anywhere else & which might be just the ticket for your own needs. :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Our Lady of Good Help Apparition receives formal approval

Thanks to my good friend Esther @ ... good news for everyone! Indeed, the only place in the United States where She is known to have appeared.
I will also be sharing this video @ my Wall @ Facebook.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Care for Creation

There is a new book out, recently published by Tribute Books, called Care for Creation, by Christy Baldwin. It is all about a Christian/Catholic "slant" on this whole green movement ~ saving our planet Earth ~ recycling, reusing, refreshing our supply of God-given natural resources.
Unfortunately, I was not able to read a very large segment of this book but from what I was able to see, it is really a nice book.
The illustrations, done by Shelly Draven, are sweet, colorful & charming. Easy on the eyes & explanatory of the text.
But the thing I like the most is the way she incorporates passages from the Bible in the lessons she is trying to teach. Every page, telling something different about taking care of the environment, every page, quoting a different passage, complete with credits, so children reading the book will see that this is no ordinary person's opinion, but a mandate from on high.
We are called to take care of the gifts that God has given us. This is not just some scientist talking "green" ~ and I would be the first person to discredit "junk science," believe me ~ but it is a real message from the Holy Spirit Himself. I mean, after all, He IS the One Who inspired the Bible, is He not?!?
Christy Baldwin has been a writer all her life, with other books to her credit...this just being the latest one. If anyone would like to see an excerpt from this book, here are some links to the website, the author's blog/FB page, the publisher's website, etc.:

Book web site:

Christy Baldwin Facebook:

Tribute Books website:

Tribute Books Facebook:

Tribute Books Twitter:

Being 60 years old myself, I can remember when we automatically threw anything & everything away. Every room had a wastebasket. Now, not so...
It is a good thing for children to learn to be good stewards of this planet of ours, watching out for our fellow creatures & not letting resources go to waste. And for those who are looking for a connection between caring for the environment & doing God's will, this book just might the very one to teach children how to "connect the dots"...following in the footsteps of no less a personage than St. Francis of Assisi, the Patron Saint of the Environment.
He was truly connected to wildlife & all that surrounded him. He had names for all of God's creation ~ "brother wolf" "sister moon" etc. ~ every breeze that kissed his cheek was a gift from Almighty God, and he certainly showed his appreciation every day of his life.
We can do no less than teach our children to do the same...and this book is a giant step in that direction!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Why God Matters...

I have been thinking for some time now, that I would love to begin writing in my Blogs's been months ~ for this one, at least ~ & I do miss it, I confess. So when I was invited to join in a Blog Book Tour, by those @ Tribute Books, I jumped at the chance.
I was given a preview of a wonderful new book entitled Why God Matters, written by Deacon Steven Lumbert & his daughter, Karina Lumbert Fabian. And I have to say that, from beginning to end, I could not tear my eyes away from my computer screen. (It was sent to me via eBook format.)
It starts out by giving the history of their family, how the good Deacon married a woman of great charity from Puerto Rico, who was raised in the Faith with a strong example of giving & sharing the meager possessions with which they had been blessed ~ and it wasn't much, believe me, in the material sense! But in the spirit of true Christian charity, it was priceless.
Daughter Karina was also raised to see this example of her mother firsthand, sharing with neighbors, family & friends alike.
As it was, Steven Lumbert was not a Catholic in the beginning of his marriage, but he had agreed to raise the children in the Faith & he was a man of his word. Gradually, over the years, his wife's example & (I am sure) endless prayers converted him to the Catholic Church. Later, he was led to become a Deacon & he & his daughter are now very active Catholic writers, each in their own right. And the story they tell is both intriguing & compelling ~ a story of one man's journey into a deeper love of God & his daughter's "cradle Catholic" viewpoint. Between the two of them, I cannot decide whose story is more like my own.
I myself am a cradle Catholic, baptized at the ripe old age of three weeks. I attended Catholic schools for ten years, then public school the last two until I graduated, going on to university to study Fine Arts.
In all this time, I was perfectly happy to be Catholic. That is, until I graduated from college & getting it into my head that I was not as strong in my Faith as I had been when I was younger. So, sad to say, I left Holy Mass to those who were more "in tune" with God's call & went my own way for several years. When I met my husband Michael, I was married in the Church ~ it was expected, after all, & I truthfully couldn't imagine going any other route ~ but then I again became neglectful until I got pregnant with our firstborn.
That was, finally, when I "woke up." I went to Confession, started reading as much as I could possibly take in concerning my Faith, and I have never looked back.
The reason I bring this up now, in the middle of reviewing this book is that it occurred to me while reading that everyone has a Faith journey that, even if it starts from a totally different place, ends up leading each of us to the same End.
And that End, my dear friends, is God.
So, while reading, I found myself enjoying the book excerpts more & more! My own path was certainly in the middle of these two writers...& I see myself @ the same place where they have found themselves. We, none of us, are without faults, without problems in our daily lives, without a dependence upon the Providence, Love & Mercy of Almighty God.
Reading Deacon Steven's account of his journey into Faith assured me that he had had the same detours as many others have had, yet he found his way with the help & example of his wife. His daughter has had a similar experience with her own husband, who is now Catholic, but who had not been in the beginning of their marriage, either. She prays for her eldest son who has turned away but will someday return to the Church, just as her father did, just as her husband did, all because of her strong conviction in the Divine Plan for us all.
And this is what stood out for me the most while reading this book.
I myself freely admit to my own fault, ignoring the Holy Sacraments & God's call to my own soul ~ for several years, thinking I knew better than those who had gone before me for centuries of example, prayers & charity in love for God & neighbor.
The good Deacon, his son-in-law & his grandson (someday) will all be among the elect, of this I am as reasonably sure as I can be. Their story is one that is told in every family, in every community, in every corner of the globe.
And this is why I highly recommend this book.
Today,1 September, is my birthday. Today I am 60 years old. My years away from the Blessed Sacrament & my beloved Rosary were a long, long time ago ~ more than 30 years ago, to be exact. I regret what I put Our Lord through, as He watched over me & my family, waiting patiently for my return to His good graces. And I will forever bless His Holy Name, giving Him all gratitude & love for what He has done for me, for bringing me back to the One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church.
I am sure Deacon Lumbert & his daughter are just as grateful as I am, for their own experience in the Faith.
May God bless them both, hold their family close to His Sacred Heart...& richly reward the wonderful example & prayers of Sorocco Lumbert for her faithfulness in bringing her family home to Him.
Here are a few handy URLs for those who might be interested in reading this book for themselves; I am sure you will not be disappointed!!
God bless.
Book website:
Book Amazon buy link:
Excerpt from Chapter 2:
Karina Fabian Facebook:
Karina Fabian Twitter:
Karina Fabian Blog:
Tribute Books website:
Tribute Books Facebook:
Tribute Books Twitter:

Saturday, June 05, 2010

All I Can Say...

Usually, when I return to my pew after receiving the Most Sacred Species of Our Lord's Body & Blood, I am at a total loss for words. How do I tell Him what is in my heart? I mean, truthfully speaking, there is NOTHING I can say that He has not heard before ~ most likely, thousands of times...
So, may I present what I love to say to Him, most of all?
"My dearest Love, You are most welcome! I am most unworthy, but You come to me anyway, making this moment in time like unto a moment in Your eternity. Beloved Savior, I trust in You. I love You. I love You. I love You..."

On this holy Feast of Corpus Christi, I tell you: this is truly what I say most often, in thanking Him, the Most Holy of Holies, the Lamb of God, the King of the entire Universe, Who deigns to stoop from Heaven ~ His eternal Throne ~ to visit with me, His most unworthy servant!!
What more is there after that?
That really is all I can say...

Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Patron for My Son...

Well, yesterday was 16 October. My son Stephen turned 21 & he is an example of just one baby who was saved by St. Gerard Majella, whose Feast Day was also yesterday.
Years ago, I didn't know anything about St. Gerard, but I had heard of him...that was about it.
On Sunday, 16 Oct., 1988, I went into labor with my eighth child ~ we have two more in Heaven. But with this one, things were different. My pains came & went all day. No matter what I did, they would start up, last about half an hour or so, then stop. An hour later, there they would be again! Frustrating...
My husband Michael was @ work all day, getting in some much-needed overtime hours & by the time he came home I had been in labor (off & on) for several hours.
We decided it was time to go to the hospital, which was about a half-hour's drive away. When we got there, it was starting up again, but as soon as I got to the labor room, things slowed down...then started up again, etc. This pattern kept up until about 8:00 that evening.
This was when the doctor noticed that the baby was not getting enough oxygen, most likely strangling on the umbilical cord. So they wheeled me into the delivery room & within a few minutes, Stephen Thomas was born. :)
It was a few years later that I was on my computer one afternoon & a St. Gerard's Feast Day reminder was in my email...and noticing the date, I couldn't help but remark on the coincidence of it ~ the Patron Saint of mothers in labor, newborn babies & those wishing to get pregnant had been watching over us the entire time!
Out of all of our children (not including the two who didn't make it) Stephen's birth was the ONLY one that had presented any risk, either to me or the baby ~ and to this day I feel a special gratitude to this wonderful, kind-hearted Saint who kept my son safe, even if it did take me a few more years to learn anything about him.
And now here we are, 21 years later. I have learned amazing things about St. Gerard, including the fact that he had had many visions of Our Lord as a small boy, when Jesus would come to him as the Divine Infant & the two of them would play together for hours on end...right up until Gerard's years as a Redemptorist priest, when he would sit & visit with Our Lord in the Tabernacle all night long, joking with Him about who was crazier ~ himself, Gerard, for sitting up all night with little or no sleep, or Jesus, the Creator of the entire universe Who kept Himself a Prisoner of Love in the small box on the altar of every Catholic church in the world! :)
So...there is my take on the day, the Feast of a favorite Patron to our family, the one whose intercession, no doubt, had a hand all those years ago in saving the life of a most beloved son ~ and to whom I owe my loyalty & my thanks. xo

Monday, June 22, 2009

Mercy and Love, Good News and Salvation...

As I was waiting my turn to walk to the Communion rail, I couldn't help but stare at the huge crucifix that hangs over the Tabernacle at the main altar.
I gazed upon the nails in His hands and feet, thinking of all the journeys He took about Judea, raising His hands in curing, blessing, teaching...walking everywhere He went, bringing the Good News to everyone He met.
Then, there He was, hanging on a wooden pole, arms outstretched, impaled and prevented from spreading the love and mercy of His Eternal Father to us all.
But wait! Not so! Here, He was even more enabled than ever, by being nailed to a cross!
Years ago, I read in the Mystical City of God, that Our Lady noticed that whenever He slept, He never stretched out His arms and legs. She asked Him why and He replied that He would never do this ~ until the time would come when He would stretch out His entire Body in sacrifice to His Father, for the salvation of the world.
So, in Her perfect imitation of His virtues, She began to sleep the same way, keeping Her limbs close about Herself...
And there I was, sitting there gazing upon that sacrificial Lamb, impaled upon the Cross, ribs stretched out in His final Agony ~ trying desperately to breathe, expanding His chest as those fleeting breaths became more and more difficult to take in...(did you know that the actual cause of death on a cross is suffocation?)...
I pictured myself trying to climb to His Heart ~ those ribs became my ladder ~ and as I was immersed in His Precious Blood, I was washed clean. My sins were erased, forgiven, never to darken my soul again.
I had just been to Confession, a few minutes earlier. To be able to go as often as I do is a privilege, one that I do not take lightly. There are others of my acquaintance who are not so lucky, so I take full advantage of this convenience as often as I possibly can. And that makes it easier to practice, as additional blessing for which I am most grateful, believe me!
Every time I make a good Confession, I climb one more rung on that ladder, one more rib closer to His Heart...and I become more and more immersed in His Blood ~ and His saving grace.
I have been reading quite a bit about different Saints and how they practiced devotion. It always seems to me that they were so far above me in the practice of virtue, and there is no way I can ever come close to what they were. And then, I remember the very few words of a very wise priest who asked me in the Confessional (during a conversation concerning frequent Confession), "Are you not also trying to become a Saint?"
So, I sit before this Crucifix quite often and think about what he asked me that day. And I have to answer, "Yes! Dearest Lord Jesus, allow me to take in a drop of Thy Precious Blood for myself! Keep my own heart safe within Thine own Sacred Heart!"
This past weekend, the Solemnities of the Two Hearts, would be a perfect time to remind myself of this prayer. And even more important, to put into practice all that a true devotion to the Two Hearts would entail...frequent Confession being one of them...and the very humble, very contrite and very grateful climbing of that ladder, one rung at a time, to be ever closer to His most Precious Heart of Mercy, Love and Salvation.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Is She Pro-Abortion? Absolutely...

Well, Obama holds true to his word, his first impression made, and how ever else you would like to color it...
If I were his mother, I would lock this sorry excuse for a President in the woodshed.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

All Praise, Honor and Thanksgiving be... Jesus Christ, now and forever!!!
Have you ever found that pefect Novena? You know, the one that hits you square between the eyes, the one that says ~ no, screams ~ "Here I am! Pray me!!!"
Today was a day unlike most others in my life. I had been losing sleep, crying to myself silently, wringing my hands, not being able to concentrate on anything but getting through til it might be time again to catch a few hours of sleep, seeing that I had not gotten that much the night before.
And then it would come again ~ waking in the wee hours, lying there, staring at the ceiling, listening to my Michael's gentle breathing at my side...
Little did I know (for the most part) that when I did close my eyes in slumber, he was living the night owl existence that I had just escaped a short time before...and so, as the nights wore on, tells the hours of our life here. And this, for nearly a week.
I am not free to go into the details, but suffice it to say that we were so stressed out, we were barely able to get anything done, short of prayer and worry.
Today was a big day ~ the day it all turned around, and the day destined to be red-letter.
As I sat here this morning, I thought to myself, "Today is the day we make a certain do-or-die phone call. Today is the day! It has to be ~ I can't take this anymore..."
And as I took out my favorite prayer book, there it was...that card with the nine-hour Novena of Childlike Confidence to the Divine Infant of Prague.
This holy card practically jumped into my hands...and it was then that it hit me!
"Why not?" right??
Like anything else, Our most Blessed Lord Jesus, keeping a Promise that He made so long ago, and of course, being the merciful God that He is, He does not leave His poor servant out in the cold.
So I began. And then, the most amazing thing happened.
My stress began almost immediately to wear away.
Mike & I went out to lunch...talked things out, trying to whittle away this problem that was hurting us both ~ totally out of our control at this point, hovering over our family like a disease, threatening to take away our peace for many months to come.
And by the time I got to the third hour of my Novena, it was over. Just like that. He made this all-too-fateful phone call and the news was completely the best news we could have ever hoped for or imagined!
My Novena of petition had no more was time for a Novena of thanksgiving, which I plan to make tomorrow. And you can believe that this is one Prayer that I will keep close to my heart for the rest of my life!!!
There is nothing like saying "Thank-You, Lord Jesus! All praise, honor and thanksgiving to You now and forever! Amen."

Monday, May 18, 2009

Just One More Prayer...

There is just something so sweet about the month of May being Mary's month. No matter how often I think I have it right, there is always one more thing I can think of to make it more Hers in my heart.
Just last week we were saying the 20-decade Rosary every day (until yesterday) for the pro-life intention. Now that the novena is done, I have been thinking to myself, "Why not continue? I have a 20-decade Rosary that I use quite often; I carry it in my purse everywhere I go ~ and very often to church to visit the Blessed Sacrament for at least an hour anyway!" I mean, why not?? After all, it's just one more prayer, right?
And today a friend in a Group to which I belong on Yahoo posted this link to a video on YouTube, which is encouraging young people to say the Rosary every day. As the video claims, "It's just 50 Hail Marys!"
The sequel can be found here:
As I pray this wonderful Chaplet, whether the 5- or the 20-decade, or anything in between, I am transported to a place where no one else follows. I can see in my mind's eye all the happenings of Our Lord's life, that of His Mother, and His friends. I see Her kneeling at prayer, speaking to St. Gabriel. I see Him in the manger, surrounded by light and thousands of Angels. I see Him being baptized by St. John. I see Him transfigured to show what He truly is, before He had to suffer and die. I see His "enemies" as they taunt Him before He dies, and I see the looks on their faces when they discover Him risen from the dead ~ and no amount of taunting or torture can stop His followers from believing in Him. And I see His Mother being assumed into Heaven to be crowned for all eternity as the Queen of the Universe.
There can be no better story ever told than that! And it is ours to re-live every single day of our lives if we would pray just one more prayer.
I know that many will tell me that they don't have the time to say this Holy Rosary of Mary's ~ what with trekking around after the kids all day, cleaning and cooking, going to work, falling into bed at night exhausted, on and on and on...
I say, "Why not say It as you work?" It really only takes about 15 minutes, over all, unless you do have the time to say more of It, and then, why wouldn't you? What can be so important in your life that you cannot give your own Mother a few minutes of your time?
There is a bumper sticker in these parts that I have seen which features a picture of the Rosary, surrounding a portrait of Mary, and it says, "Call your Mother. She's waiting to hear from you." I always smile when I see that one, and it puts it in my mind many times to take my own out of my purse and finger the beads as I drive along. It brings down Our Lady's protection upon me and the others on the road, wherever I am, it makes my Angel smile as he follows along...and many times I am done by the time I reach my destination ~ an added bonus if I am having a really busy day and I worry that I might have to put it off til later ~ something I abhor. And to make it even better, there have been times when I just figured it was an extra "Hello, dearest Mother Mary, I love You!" and I might get a chance to say a second one later in the day.
Either way, there is absolutely nothing, other than the Holy Mass and visiting the Blessed Eucharist, of course, that I would rather be doing to show my love for Them.
And since it is just one more prayer, I see no reason why that will ever stop! The image

O St. Dismas, as you hung on your cross, alongside my Jesus, He promised you that you would be with Him forever in Paradise. Please pray for me, that I, too, may someday realize His Promise of eternal life. Amen.
Dear St. Bernadette, Our Lady once promised you that you would be happy in the next Life. Please beg Her for me to keep me holy, so that I may someday realize the same Promise. Amen.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Convoluted? No. Complicated?? Not really...

It's simple. Believe in life, all life, from conception to natural death. That's about as cut'n'dry as it gets, right? So, what's not to understand here??
What I don't understand is what all the arguing is about...the pro-death rallying around so-called officials who are supposed to have our good interests at heart, yet are hell-bent on murdering our children and grandchildren.
At this rate, who will be around to vote their own sons or daughters into office in 50 years? Certainly mine will be (since I didn't murder any of them), but I doubt very much that they would go for the liberal ticket. We taught them better than that...
I was reading Diane's Blog ( ) earlier today & I wanted to credit her with the following:
RaymondArroyo'sPostOnNancyPelosi . *Thanks, Diane, for providing us with the link!* (To read what Diane has to say, simply follow this one: HolyHourForBishops .) ~ a wonderful idea, by the way, and one which I intend to follow!
Since Diane & I share the same Archdiocese, I am posting this picture from her Blog of our new Archbishop Allen Vigneron (above), a native son who was recently appointed by His Holiness to step in for retiring Adam Cardinal Maida (left).
She has sent her readers to Raymond's Blog because he posted a prayer that is good for offering for our bishops. They can certainly use all the prayers they can get, as they deal daily with the dissenting "Catholic-In-Name-Only" politicians and judges who are in positions of power.
I would like to go one step further here & offer another link to another prayer, credit going to Human Life International...a prayer to convert the abortionists themselves:
PrayerForAbortionists . It is the time-honored Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel, written by Pope Leo XIII, the one which I am sure we all know ~ the same one which, in days gone by, was said after every Holy Mass offered in every Catholic Church in the country, but has now sadly fallen into much disuse.
In my own parish, we say it still ~ many times more than just after Holy Mass, but it cannot be said enough! The great Archangel will protect anyone who honors him in this way; there is no way he will refuse to help if we ask him!
Anyway, that's my "two cents" for the day. I think that what these others have posted says it all...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

O Holy Mother, on Mother's Day...

"Hail, Mary"
O most holy Mother of God, greetings!
"full of grace"
without blemish, without fault, without sin ~
"the Lord is with Thee!"
most favored of God the Father, most beloved of God the Son,
most esteemed of God the Holy Spirit
"Blessed art Thou among women"
holiest of all Mothers, most exalted of all women
"and blessed is the Fruit of Thy womb, Jesus!"
O most joyful of all events in all of history!
...the coming of the Eternal Word, borne for nine months in the womb of the holiest of all Mothers
...come to save mankind from itself!

"Holy Mary, Mother of God"
HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! Dearest Mary, sweetest Mother!!!
"pray for us sinners"
O yes, we who have need of the most blessed coming, the us, o Lord!
Pray for us, dearest Mary!
"now and at the hour of our death."
Dearest Mother, conceived without sin,
intercede for us at the Throne of Your Divine Son ~ beg for His Divine Mercy to be upon us all...

"Amen." and forever...
Holy Mary, show Thyself our Mother!

Friday, May 01, 2009

Seven Sorrows on May Day...

A couple of months ago, I posted pictures of my rosaries, with each having seven beads attached @ the end, just before the centerpiece. These seven beads I use to remind myself to pray, every day after I finish the Holy Rosary, the meditations on the Seven Sorrows of Our Lady of Sorrows.
They are:
The Prophecy of Simeon
The Flight into Egypt
The Losing of Jesus in the Temple
Meeting Jesus on the Way of the Cross
Standing @ the Foot of the Cross
Taking Jesus down from the Cross
The Burial of Jesus.
I was @ Mass this afternoon, and I stayed afterwards for the Divine Mercy Chaplet, which, in my parish, is offered after every Holy Mass (we say the Holy Rosary before each Mass). As I fingered the beads, sitting and gazing upon the Crucifix over the altar, it dawned on me that with today being the beginning of Our Lady's Spring month, it would do very nicely to meditate upon Her I decided to post them here.
I realize, of course, that we are well beyond the Easter of our year...that He is risen, be joyful! He has shown Himself to all those of Faith, be at peace!
But there is nothing wrong with remembering what Our Lady suffered during His Passion, indeed, during His entire life, which qualifies Her for the eternal glory and happiness which was His pleasure to bestow upon Her.
And especially during this "happy time" I am prone to give way to my innermost desire of focusing on the blessed events that have followed the Rising of Christ from the dead, the Pentecost in our near future, and the glorious Ascension into Heaven in just a few short weeks. I am at peace; I made my Divine Mercy Novena, I have been forgiven and granted a new life in Him! All is well...
But as I pray my daily prayers, once again that seven-bead attachment beckons me to pray with Our Lady the Seven Hail Marys of Her Dolors ~ to remember all that went on before the bliss of the Resurrection.
When Our Blessed Mother gave us the devotion to Her in meditating upon these Seven Sorrows, She promised that, to those who will follow Her wishes here:

1. I will grant peace to their families.
2.They will be enlightened about the Divine mysteries.
3. I will console them in their pains and I will accompany them in their work.
4. I will give them as much as they ask for as long as it does not oppose the adorable will of my Divine Son or the sanctification of their souls.
5. I will defend them in their spiritual battles with the infernal enemy and I will protect them at every instant of their lives.
6. I will visibly help them at the moment of their death, they will see the face of their Mother.
7. I have obtained this Grace from my Divine Son, that those who propagate this devotion to my tears and dolors, will be taken directly from this earthly life to eternal happiness since all their sins will be forgiven and my Son and I will be their eternal consolation and joy.

I must admit that, like most people, I tend to remember the Promises made in order to induce me to follow a certain devotion. This is one such case, in my life...but now that I have been doing this for some time, I can honestly say that the Promises are not the main focus of my endeavors.
Oh, sure, I want to go straight to Heaven when I die ~ who doesn't?!? And I do wish to be enlightened as to the Divine mysteries ~ don't you?!? I would love to have Our Lady's consolations during my daily struggles to cope with daily duties, daily prayers, practicing the virtues and offering penance, etc.! Who wouldn't?!? And to be granted all that I ask, as long as it coincides with the Divine Will for my own salvation?!? Who could ask for more than that!?! To have Her protection against Satan...a dream come true!! And to see Her as She is, as I lie on my deathbed, to be able to exclaim, like St. Bernadette, "O how I love thee!"
But receiving the graces promised are but a side highlight of my prayer.
I wish to honor my holy Mother. I wish to wipe away Her tears. I wish, with all my heart, to spread the news of Her Sorrows for Her Son, Her sorrows for Her children all over the world ~ and to show in my daily life what I have learned. I wish, more than anything, to bring souls to Him, through Her, and to show why He did what He did to everyone and anyone who asks me.
I wish, most of all, to show by my own life and example, what it means to live the life of a good Catholic wife and mother, one who can put her own sympathies with the Mother of us all...and bring those Promises to others by living a life that reflects the Sorrows, the Joys and the eternal Blessings of God the Father, Who pulls from His own pocket all that He wishes to grant the souls of His children.
Every time I sin, I hurt the Immaculate Heart of my Mother Mary. I gravely wound the Sacred Heart of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. So, let it be known that, as of this day and insofar as I am able *better and more than I have done til now*, I intend to do what I can to let others see in me a heart that reflects the Hearts of the Two Who gave all that They had to save my soul...and the least I can do to repay Them is to offer this soul right back to Them.

Monday, April 27, 2009

In Every Abortion...

Lately I have been reading and hearing non-stop, on the 'Net and on the radio, all about President Obama & all that he has done to un-do the work of the pro-life movement here in America, and abroad. It's a pity that our once-illustrious nation, here under God *in Whom we trust*, is now the world's leader in pro-abortion-peddling and anti-life activities. Thanks to big-time promoters like Planned Parenthood, we are fast becoming the leaders in what I call "death peddling."
You know, a long time ago there was a Man Who came to us as a naked Babe in a cave, poor, hungry, innocent of all that evil would inflict ~ born to a Mother Who, Herself, was as innocent as He was, Who never wanted anything but to live Her life, to pray, to act in all charity and obedience to the will of God. And as He grew up, He blossomed into a Man of many miraculous works. To be anything else would have gone completely against all that He was ~ and is.
Today, as we all know, that Man, the Son of God Himself, looks down upon us with all love and mercy. Even to those who would promote abortion! "Pray for your enemies, if you expect Me to stand for you before My Father, Who is in Heaven."
He is warning us, people...
And when I pray my daily Rosary, I can't help but think to myself about all those who don't agree with me ~ what the Church teaches ~ that abortion is MURDER. That it is WRONG to push our anti-life agenda on others.
"Oh, you know, Jenn, it's the way of the world these days; you can't do anything to change it!" or "He's just one man, the Congress isn't going to let him do anything, not really! What can one man do?!"
Hello?? I beg to differ here...
Yesterday, my husband Michael showed me a YouTube video of the Morton Downey program, taped years ago when Patrick Buchanan was running for President, and a woman was berating Mr. Buchanan for his pro-life views. She scolded him that he just didn't "get it" that there were women dying who had to get illegal abortions instead of opting to have their babies. That her own mother was one such "victim" who had nearly died trying to kill her unborn child years ago, and that if abortion was not kept legal there would be many more fatalities! (Such twisted logic I have rarely heard.) Mr. Buchanan told her that in every abortion a human being dies. In EVERY ABORTION, A HUMAN BEING DIES.
Imagine that?!? Has anyone ever realized that before? In this day and age, with every convenience, we are still arguing a basic Truth. It never ceases to amaze me, and I am not alone.
What does He think, as He watches over us? Does He think to Himself, "My, these children of mine are so ignorant, even after all that I have been through for them?! After all that I taught them?! After all that has happened, they are so stubborn?!"
Well, I'll tell you one thing: I do NOT want to be here when it finally comes to the end. When the results of our selfishness, our ignorance and our greed finally hit the fan, God grant that I am long gone.
I wish to be safely in the bosom of Abraham when that day comes...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Church of Oprah?? hmm.m...

Thanks to our friend Cassie @
~ I have thought for a very long time that Oprah Winfrey was just a bit unstable...and these videos prove it.
Let us all pray for her that she will one day see the Truth as It really is, not follow the New Age, and make amends for all the people she is leading astray...

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Veneration of Relics...

A couple of weeks ago, I was browsing a fellow Catholic Blog-ger, Esther, well-known among many of us Catholic writers here @ In her sidebar, there is a link to another Blog where the writer discusses the updates to Bl. Damien of Molokai's cause for canonization, which it seems will take place on 11 October, 2009 *God be praised, in His Angels and in His Saints!*. The right heel of Bl. Damien is going to be presented to Bishop Silva of Honolulu.
On this woman's site, she posed the question to her readers: are you for or against relics of the Saints being venerated? Is this a repulsive practice or not?
I posted a reply in the comments section, after two others had written their "say" of whom professed to be a former Catholic, presently non-practicing, who states that he believes the Catholic "adoration" of relics is meant to inspire non-believers. The other, who says that she is non-Catholic, says she "likes her Saints whole." The Blog author states that there have been only two comments posted to her question.
This is not true.
I posted a reply myself, but since she did not see fit to post my comments, I will post them here myself:
I am a cradle, practicing Catholic and I am proud to profess it. I would just like to say here that there is a very valid and important reason why we, as Catholics, venerate the relics of the Saints.
First of all, we do NOT worship or adore the Saints, their body parts or anything to do with them. This is, for the umpteenth time, reserved for God alone...and someone who was raised in the Church *Marc* really should know better than to suggest otherwise. This is the reason why so many non-Catholics have this issue so confused. Those who have been taught the right ways are not instructing them properly...hence, the erroneous conclusion that we adore someone other than the Trinity. We do NOT.
Second, the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and the vessel through which the Saints (and all holy people) work with Christ our Lord in practicing the virtues, the works of mercy, acts of charity and penance. There is nothing "eww-wy" about parts of their bodies, whether incorrupt or even as mere bones or locks of hair. To suggest otherwise is to insult those whom the Lord would call His friends...and therefore, it is insulting to Him.
Now, as someone who has venerated the Saints all her life, I think I know a thing or two about the practice of venerating their remains. I own a couple of 3rd class Relics myself, as do many of my readers, I'm sure. I have been "this close" to the 1st class Relics of one or two as well...but I don't have them in my possession. This practice is such an old tradition in the Church; remains of the Saints have been honored by us Catholics for nearly 2,000 years!
In my parish, we have in our vault, a 1st class Relic of St. Faustina, which is brought out every year @ the Holy Masses of Divine Mercy Sunday. And a few years ago, I, with two of my daughters, Theresa & Laura, went to the Shrine of the Little Flower, which is about a 30 minute drive from our home, when her remains were brought over from France for the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of her death.
And perhaps most importantly of all, at a nearby parish, they have a 1st class Relic of the True Cross Itself! Every year, It is brought out and venerated by the faithful @ the Good Friday services. To have such a Relic in their possession is indeed a great blessing for the people of this parish!!
As we all know, many of the Saints have also been found to be incorrupt. Talk about a 1st class Relic! St. Bernadette, St. Catherine Laboure, St. Vincent de Paul, the tongue of St. Anthony, many others. Through the relics of these holy persons, many miracles have been performed. Many non-believers have been converted to the True Faith.
To say with disdain or disrespect that one does not like "body parts of the Saints ~ they are gross" is to show the utmost dislike of God Himself ~ and the means through which He chooses to bless us in our present day.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Please Pray...

Please join me in prayer for a very holy Priest ~ Fr. Valerian Rykowski (November 12, 1916 - March 1, 2009).
Our beloved Fr. Val was very much devoted to the Holy Trinity, and was the spiritual director of the Apostolate. He was also a much-felt presence about the parish grounds, always ready with a kind word, a warm smile and a happy reminiscence of his own younger days to relate a very human anecdote.
Once, when I was entering the vestibule with my daughter Clare, and during the time I was still laid up with the "boot" on my R leg (while it was still broken) he approached me & asked me if I had asked permission to do this to myself. I responded, "No, I didn't think to ask permission, Father! But I did remember to thank God for the opportunity to have this suffering to offer up!"
He smiled at that...he loved hearing when someone understood suffering in this way ~ how it is always a chance to give thanks to God, to make a sacrifice for the good of a soul, either one's own or that of another.
As we talked, I commented upon a beautiful jeweled cross that he wore around his neck on a gold chain; he showed it to me close up & told me the story of how his sister had given it to him for his birthday. Afterwards, whenever I saw him walking about or talking with someone else, if he wasn't wearing his vestments, he would always have that cross about his neck, and I would remember his sister...
He also told me another time that he pictured God the Father as his own beloved Papa, Who, when asked for a favor or a special grace, would reach into His own pocket to give a gift to him, as if he were still a small boy.
He once wrote a beautiful prayer, asking God to keep him from sin, and exhorted me to say it every night, as I examine my conscience:

O Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, open my mind that I may think according to Your ways - not according to man's way or my way. Enlighten me, Lord, guard me, guide me, and teach me. Fill me with the most precious gifts of the Most Holy Trinity. Fill me with the gifts of wisdom, knowledge, understanding, counsel, fortitude, piety and fear of the Lord - with genuine humility and obedience.

There are too many good things to say about a man who, during his lifetime, can almost be considered a living Saint. On the parish website (, there is a quote that states that he was just such a man...and I, in my own heart, believe it.

May God keep him, may Our Blessed Lady smile upon him, and may he rest in eternal light and peace, giving praise and adoration to the Most Holy Trinity to Whom he was so devoted.


Also, please feel free to visit Diane's Blog @ Assumption Grotto parish, our "sister" parish and the Nat. HQ parish of the Opus Angelorum ~ , where she has posted a wonderful tribute to Fr. Val, and where others have left comments, memories and loving words about this amazing man.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

What If...

This occurred to me yesterday as I sat in church listening to the parish announcements:
(They were extolling us to take home a postcard to sign, asking our State Representatives and Senators to vote against FOCA {Freedom of Choice Act}, which is an atrocity visited upon our nation by the latest Administration.)
I wondered, what if Our Lady had been pro-choice? What if She had decided, in Her Heart of hearts, that She did not want to be a Mother? What if being the Mother of God was too daunting for Her? She was, after a young girl of about 14 years of age, not married, avowed to remain a virgin for all of Her life...
What if, in Her Heart of hearts, She had so much doubt about Her ability to carry this Child within Her womb, to care for It after birth, to support the Life sustained by Her own ~ that's an awful lot to ask, isn't it?!?
Well?!? Isn't it?!?!?!
She had a choice. She was asked ~ not told ~ by the Angel if She would do this...She could have said, "I'm afraid I cannot do that! That is too much! Who does God think He is to ask this of me?!?"
And just think of the repercussions throughout history...
No blind man was to be cured. No maiden of doubtful virtue was to be rescued from being stoned to death. No fishermen of rough-hewn character were to be refined into "fishers of men." No miracle @ Cana. No miracle of the loaves and fishes. No salvation on Calvary!
No Eucharist!!! God forbid...
It may be that She could have refused, and we will never know all that would not come to be, if it weren't for Her "Yes!"
Indeed, She had a choice...but maybe to Her, there was no choice here. She was so in tune with the Will of God that to Her, the only reply was this "Yes!" There was no other response She could have given.
Anything less than this would never have occurred to Her. She may have been given a choice, but She is not pro-choice.
She is always begging Her children to pray the Rosary for those who would abort their own children; She cries for them! There have been incidents and miracles all over the world attributed to the intercession of our Holy Mother Mary. She comes to ask us all the time if we will make the choice to follow Her to Her Son.
What is our response to Her? Are we followers of the Divine Will? Who is this God Who asks such things of His people?!?
Will we abort the children whom He has created? Will we make the same choice as Mary did? Will the following of the Divine Will be so ingrained into our nature that to "choose" any other way will be abhorrent to us?!?
Well?!? Will it?!?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Quick Note...

I don't know what is going on with Blogger lately, but it seems that comments are being posted to my Blogs (all 3 of them!) without my knowledge. I have only found them later, and been able to respond to all of my friends here...
I just want to thank one and all who have posted comments to me over the past month or two, when this first seems to have started. I don't know how it is, as I am shown on my Account pages as moderating all comments! It is not that I don't trust you all to leave kindly remarks ~ or at least polite ones, lol ~ but please bear with me if I don't answer in the first day or two.
Sometimes I come to my Blogs only a couple of times in a week, as I get busy with other things, or I might not be feeling especially inspired to write.
I do love each and every one of your observations, and I love to reply.
As soon as I can get this fixed, I intend to, believe me! I like to know when comments are being left for me, as I find it rude not to answer someone when they post a remark or question!!
Thanks for your patience... :)...and I send my Greetings to your Angels.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Recognizing 5

I know it's been too long since I wrote this series, having this final set of Mysteries to get through, but with the death of my Mom, things have been upside-down here for a while. Now that my days are more steadied, and I have come to that feeling of peace where I know she is in a better place and hopefully reunited with my Dad, maybe we can now finish what we started? :)
As we move on to the fourth set of Mysteries, the Glorious, I seem to be more at peace than at any other time throughout the entire Rosary. It's not because its the end of His life, Our Lady's life, or maybe even if we meditate upon the end of the world itself.
Even the calm of His suffering being finally over is not the reason for my relief. Of course, I am overjoyed ~ ecstatic ~ that He has done this for me, and for everyone. He loves me like His sister, His friend and His subject. He has redeemed me and everyone ~ and everyone who appreciates what He has done is eternally grateful!!!
But even more than that, there is a sense of real recognition here, that we understand the real meaning and consequences of all that They went through ~ from the beginning (at the Annunciation itself) until the very end (the Coronation of Our Lady) ~ and the implications for us.
In the First Glorious Mystery, the Resurrection, we see Him ~ perhaps for the first time ever ~ as He is, glorified and victorious, and ready to reveal His final secrets to us all.
Naturally, the very first person to see Him alive and well was His own Blessed Mother Mary. Can you imagine the joy in Her Heart when He came to Her?!? The immense feeling of happiness, relief and gratitude...the overwhelming desire to give thanks to God the Father for all His works are wonderful!!! He has done such mighty works for His handmaid!!!
And now, on the outside ~ Mary Magdalene is the first one to go to the Tomb on that fateful morning, after what I am sure is a long, sleepless night. As she approaches the entrance, she is stunned to behold, not a guard standing straight-faced and somber, ready to pounce upon any who might come near to (they suspect) try to steal the Body of Our Lord. What she does see is recorded in the Gospel for all of posterity until the end of time: the Risen Christ, the one True King of Kings in His majestic glorified Body, probably smiling at her as she suddenly realizes Who He is that is watching her, and falling to her knees in recognition.
She hurries to give the happy news to the Apostles, who, as we know, still do not recognize the fact that this is possible...they must see the Tomb for themselves. Peter, James and John race down there, finding only remnants of the Lord's stay. The Angels on watch tell them that "He is not here." Recognizing what has happened, they run back to tell the others that, yes, it is true!
Rejoice! Give thanks to God! Holy is His Name!
And last but not least, our dear Thomas the Doubter...who can forget the lesson he learned that fateful Sunday after Easter, eh? Without a doubt (no pun intended) he will forever now recognize his Savior and Lord in the Person of Jesus Christ!!!
In the Second Glorious Mystery, the Ascension, Jesus brings His life to it's earthly conclusion. In the presence of His Apostles, disciples, His Mother and other family members, He commissions His priests to go out to the entire world and teach them to recognize His Word, His Church, and His very Self in the Eucharist, in the Confessional, and in every facet of God's Plan for them., how are we doing so far?... Are we able to recognize Him in our daily lives yet?
In the Third Glorious Mystery, the Descent of the Holy Spirit, we find Our Lady and the Apostles in the Upper Room, the same room where the Last Supper took place, and all those historic moments occurred. As they are hiding from the Jews and the Pharisees, they are suddenly engulfed by the most powerful wind they have ever experienced, but of course, we all know that this is no ordinary wind ~ here we must recognize the Coming of the Holy Spirit, Whom Jesus had promised to send! tiny whisper this time, but a mighty gale that surrounds the entire gathering with such force that there is no mistaking Who has come. When the Apostles go out onto the balcony to preach to the multitudes gathered out on the street, they themselves are recognized as being chosen ones ~ the ones who bring the Word of God to the people, who will help them all recognize the workings of God in their own lives. Over 3,000 men that day (not to mention all the women and children) were baptized on the spot, so overwhelmed were they as they recognized the wonders that God had wrought.
And now, the final two Mysteries ~ devoted solely to the merits of Our Blessed Mother, the one who in all Her life, never once failed to recognize in Her Son all that He was, is and ever shall be. And for all that She endured on His behalf, what is Her reward?!?
First of all, in the fourth Mystery, the Assumption, we find that She is preserved from the fate of death itself. That She, the Holy Mother of God, falls asleep but not to die, is stolen away by the Angels and brought to the glory of the very Throne of God! How can we fail to recognize the endless graces that have been ours through the merits of this Holy and gracious Virgin?!? She is not, as the Protestants and the pagans suggest, merely a Woman who had a Baby a long time ago...She is the one to whom we owe everything, if only we would recognize what She did ~ being the channel through whom the God-Man, Who is Her divine Son, worked and is still working His plan for all of mankind, to redeem and sanctify us.
She is like the moon, reflecting the glow of the Sun, and She leads us to the Light by Her example of Faith and submission to the Holy Will of God the Father, recognizing in that as the only way we will be saved!
And finally, in the fifth Glorious Mystery, the Coronation, we reach the climactic conclusion of all that has gone before...beginning with the waiting for thousands of years by all of mankind for the promised Redeemer, the One Who commanded recognition by all who would be saved ~ right up until the crowning of the Blessed Virgin Mary as the Queen of Heaven and Earth.
What a wonderful, breath-taking sight that must have been! The songs of the Angels surrounding Our Lord as He placed that crown upon the head of His Mother, and She, who knelt at His feet, in all humility and love, accepting Her destiny and reward ~ and His loving, triumphant recognition of all that She had done for Him when He was on Earth. She never asked, nor expected, such a reward as this...He has said that it is His wish that She be honored more than any other creature in history; She is so humble that She would not dream of taking any attention away from Her Son.
But can we not recognize Her as our own Mother?!? Can we not recognize His will in honoring Her as the Queen of all creation?!? Can we not follow it?!?
Just as it is the will of the Father that we recognize His design in the workings of His Son's life among us, so too it is also the will of the Son that we recognize the merits of Holy Mary, the Woman of the prophets.
We will one day be in Heaven ourselves, God willing, and we will come face to Face with Them both. We will have the chance to finally express our gratitude for Their lives, and all that They endured for us, just so we could get to that moment.
I say, why wait? Why not start now, this very day? We can begin by asking for the grace and strength we need to live out the rest of our lives in grateful recognition of our Redemption, offering up all that we do, just so that when that final day comes, we may find ourselves in the presence of Our Lady and all of the Angels and Saints, and where we may recognize ~ and kiss ~ the very Face of God.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gone to Heaven...

This is my Mom, Bernardine Bidigare.
She passed away on Saturday, 10 January, 2009. She was a beautiful, gracious lady and will be missed greatly by everyone who knew her.
She was anointed by Holy Mother Church two days before she died and her funeral was held yesterday, 14 January.
Needless to say, anyone & everyone who reads this post is requested to pray for her & also to include prayers for my Dad, Chester, who passed from this life on Thursday, 8 November, 2001.
They will be remembered by me in my own prayers forever...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Time for Joy...

To all who come here today, "Rejoice! Have Joy! Praise Him!"
Wishing you all a most Merry Christmas and a Blessedly Happy New Year!
I hope you all have a safe, happy, loving and holy Season ~ today, of all Days, the Day of the Birth of
our Savior ~ and the rest of the days of your lives.
May we all be one in Him...and may we always remember the words of the Little Flower:
"A God Who became so small could only be Love!"

Monday, December 15, 2008

My Favorite Rosaries...and more...

I found this meme over @ AdoroteDevote's Blog and "graciously" volunteered myself to be memed as well...Someone had asked to see three pictures of our favorite rosaries, and Adoro posted that anyone could join in if they wanted to do so. This one being right up my alley, so to speak, I thought I would go ahead and post my own ~ This first one is a 20-decade Rosary I made for myself a couple of years ago @ Christmastime. Since it is made of real Swarovski AB crystals (and was quite expensive to make), my dearest Michael told me it was my Christmas present, lol...but it was one I had wanted to make for a VERY long time, so I agreed ~ and very happily! All metal parts are gold. It has actually been blessed twice. When I first finished it, I took it to our parish church that Sunday and, after the Holy Mass, I tried to corner our pastor, Fr. Ben, in the vestibule to do the honors...unfortunately, he was on an emergency call, so he could not be stopped and I started looking for one of the other priests. As I wandered around, one of our deacons asked if he could help and informed me that deacons can also bless sacred objects ~ so he did it for me. About a year later, as we held our annual Blue Army Holy Mass, one of our Auxiliary Bishops came in to officiate, and afterwards, we held the Procession of the Pilgrim Virgin to our outdoor shrine. When he asked if anyone had any prayer requests, a woman held up her rosary and asked His Excellency if he would kindly bless our I held this one up and he blessed them all!
Pictured here below is the same rosary with the 7-bead attachment, so every time I use it, I won't forget to say the daily Seven Hail Marys in honor of Our Lady's Seven Sorrows ~ thereby remembering the Promises She has made to anyone who does so. I had always wanted to do this, but couldn't seem to remember to say this idea occurred to me one day and it has worked like a charm! :) Added to this one also is a medal of St. Joseph holding the Child Jesus, and this rosary has been dedicated to the Holy Family, esp. to our Mother of Perpetual Help (the Centerpiece ~ see the close-up below). On the back of the Crucifix is engraved "JMJ".
This second rosary is my First Holy Communion Rosary. It is made of cut glass and is of (formerly) silver metal, which has now turned into a gold color. I am not claiming any miraculous color changes (I know this has been known to happen) but I have tried several times to clean it from all tarnish, and the color remains. :) This golden color also has affected the Crucifix as well. I am now in my late-50s so this one has been around the block quite a few times. But I have loved it since the first time I ever used was on this one that I learned my Favorite Prayer.
Here is a close-up of the 7-bead attachment that I added to this one when I did the other one...I love that these 7 beads are right there, so no matter which Rosary I am using, I can remember to honor Our Lady in this way. This one also has attached a medal of St. Joseph holding the Divine Child and a Eucharistic medal as well (this one is a duplicate of a gold one that I wear on my neck chain, along with others.)Here is a link back to Adoro's Blog, where I first found this meme...and also a big "Thank-you!" for allowing me to take part! :)
Just as an aside, there are two more rosaries that I would like to present here...the first one is gold in color and small in size ~ about half the size of a typical rosary. It was a gift from the ladies @ the National Blue Army HQ.
This last one is made of crystal, silver in color and was blessed by the late Pontiff, John Paul II.
The two added medals are from Lourdes and Fatima ~ each holding a drop of holy water.
These last two are not the ones I use the most, but I do keep them handy in different rooms in case my purse isn't nearby...where I keep the first two. There is always an occasion throughout the day to say a decade or two... :)...