Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Why God Matters...

I have been thinking for some time now, that I would love to begin writing in my Blogs again...it's been months ~ for this one, at least ~ & I do miss it, I confess. So when I was invited to join in a Blog Book Tour, by those @ Tribute Books, I jumped at the chance.
I was given a preview of a wonderful new book entitled Why God Matters, written by Deacon Steven Lumbert & his daughter, Karina Lumbert Fabian. And I have to say that, from beginning to end, I could not tear my eyes away from my computer screen. (It was sent to me via eBook format.)
It starts out by giving the history of their family, how the good Deacon married a woman of great charity from Puerto Rico, who was raised in the Faith with a strong example of giving & sharing the meager possessions with which they had been blessed ~ and it wasn't much, believe me, in the material sense! But in the spirit of true Christian charity, it was priceless.
Daughter Karina was also raised to see this example of her mother firsthand, sharing with neighbors, family & friends alike.
As it was, Steven Lumbert was not a Catholic in the beginning of his marriage, but he had agreed to raise the children in the Faith & he was a man of his word. Gradually, over the years, his wife's example & (I am sure) endless prayers converted him to the Catholic Church. Later, he was led to become a Deacon & he & his daughter are now very active Catholic writers, each in their own right. And the story they tell is both intriguing & compelling ~ a story of one man's journey into a deeper love of God & his daughter's "cradle Catholic" viewpoint. Between the two of them, I cannot decide whose story is more like my own.
I myself am a cradle Catholic, baptized at the ripe old age of three weeks. I attended Catholic schools for ten years, then public school the last two until I graduated, going on to university to study Fine Arts.
In all this time, I was perfectly happy to be Catholic. That is, until I graduated from college & getting it into my head that I was not as strong in my Faith as I had been when I was younger. So, sad to say, I left Holy Mass to those who were more "in tune" with God's call & went my own way for several years. When I met my husband Michael, I was married in the Church ~ it was expected, after all, & I truthfully couldn't imagine going any other route ~ but then I again became neglectful until I got pregnant with our firstborn.
That was, finally, when I "woke up." I went to Confession, started reading as much as I could possibly take in concerning my Faith, and I have never looked back.
The reason I bring this up now, in the middle of reviewing this book is that it occurred to me while reading that everyone has a Faith journey that, even if it starts from a totally different place, ends up leading each of us to the same End.
And that End, my dear friends, is God.
So, while reading, I found myself enjoying the book excerpts more & more! My own path was certainly in the middle of these two writers...& I see myself @ the same place where they have found themselves. We, none of us, are without faults, without problems in our daily lives, without a dependence upon the Providence, Love & Mercy of Almighty God.
Reading Deacon Steven's account of his journey into Faith assured me that he had had the same detours as many others have had, yet he found his way with the help & example of his wife. His daughter has had a similar experience with her own husband, who is now Catholic, but who had not been in the beginning of their marriage, either. She prays for her eldest son who has turned away but will someday return to the Church, just as her father did, just as her husband did, all because of her strong conviction in the Divine Plan for us all.
And this is what stood out for me the most while reading this book.
I myself freely admit to my own fault, ignoring the Holy Sacraments & God's call to my own soul ~ for several years, thinking I knew better than those who had gone before me for centuries of example, prayers & charity in love for God & neighbor.
The good Deacon, his son-in-law & his grandson (someday) will all be among the elect, of this I am as reasonably sure as I can be. Their story is one that is told in every family, in every community, in every corner of the globe.
And this is why I highly recommend this book.
Today,1 September, is my birthday. Today I am 60 years old. My years away from the Blessed Sacrament & my beloved Rosary were a long, long time ago ~ more than 30 years ago, to be exact. I regret what I put Our Lord through, as He watched over me & my family, waiting patiently for my return to His good graces. And I will forever bless His Holy Name, giving Him all gratitude & love for what He has done for me, for bringing me back to the One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church.
I am sure Deacon Lumbert & his daughter are just as grateful as I am, for their own experience in the Faith.
May God bless them both, hold their family close to His Sacred Heart...& richly reward the wonderful example & prayers of Sorocco Lumbert for her faithfulness in bringing her family home to Him.
Here are a few handy URLs for those who might be interested in reading this book for themselves; I am sure you will not be disappointed!!
God bless.
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Karina Fabian said...

WOW! What a beautiful review and testimony. Thank you so much for sharing this.

I think a lot of people get their "wake up call" when the soul of someone else is involved, especially that of their child. I know my own trials with my kids have made me stronger in faith.

Happy birthday! May God continue to bless you. Thank you for giving my father and me such a gift on your special day.

Tribute Books said...

First off - thank you for a beautiful review and for sharing details of our faith. Second - Happy Birthday!

You summed up the message of the book perfectly - we're all on a journey with the same destination.

I'm glad that you enjoyed the stories told by Deacon Steve and Karina and were able to relate to them in your own life.

Thank you for sharing the book with your blog readers.

Best wishes,
Tribute Books

*~JennD.'J.M.J.'~* said...

Nicole ~ Thank-you very much for giving me an opportunity to share how I felt while reading the book. Their story is a wonderful read, & I love how they brought in Scripture, the Angels, et al, to tell it. :) Anyone who reads this will certainly be enlightened & will not soon forget. :)
Karina ~ You & your family are a wonderful example to us all...how to live the Faith in Charity & Hope. God bless you, too!