Sunday, November 21, 2010

Care for Creation

There is a new book out, recently published by Tribute Books, called Care for Creation, by Christy Baldwin. It is all about a Christian/Catholic "slant" on this whole green movement ~ saving our planet Earth ~ recycling, reusing, refreshing our supply of God-given natural resources.
Unfortunately, I was not able to read a very large segment of this book but from what I was able to see, it is really a nice book.
The illustrations, done by Shelly Draven, are sweet, colorful & charming. Easy on the eyes & explanatory of the text.
But the thing I like the most is the way she incorporates passages from the Bible in the lessons she is trying to teach. Every page, telling something different about taking care of the environment, every page, quoting a different passage, complete with credits, so children reading the book will see that this is no ordinary person's opinion, but a mandate from on high.
We are called to take care of the gifts that God has given us. This is not just some scientist talking "green" ~ and I would be the first person to discredit "junk science," believe me ~ but it is a real message from the Holy Spirit Himself. I mean, after all, He IS the One Who inspired the Bible, is He not?!?
Christy Baldwin has been a writer all her life, with other books to her credit...this just being the latest one. If anyone would like to see an excerpt from this book, here are some links to the website, the author's blog/FB page, the publisher's website, etc.:

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Being 60 years old myself, I can remember when we automatically threw anything & everything away. Every room had a wastebasket. Now, not so...
It is a good thing for children to learn to be good stewards of this planet of ours, watching out for our fellow creatures & not letting resources go to waste. And for those who are looking for a connection between caring for the environment & doing God's will, this book just might the very one to teach children how to "connect the dots"...following in the footsteps of no less a personage than St. Francis of Assisi, the Patron Saint of the Environment.
He was truly connected to wildlife & all that surrounded him. He had names for all of God's creation ~ "brother wolf" "sister moon" etc. ~ every breeze that kissed his cheek was a gift from Almighty God, and he certainly showed his appreciation every day of his life.
We can do no less than teach our children to do the same...and this book is a giant step in that direction!


Tribute Books said...

Jennifer - thanks for sharing CARE FOR CREATION with the readers of My Musing. We appreciate your support of the book and for participating in the blog tour.

I like the points you made - the book references the Bible and is not "junk science" but the Holy Spirit.

I also appreciate how you brought it full circle by connecting the dots to St. Francis of Assisi. Very thoughtful review - thank you!

Best wishes,
Tribute Books

*~JennD.'J.M.J.'~* said...

hi Nicole! Good to hear from you! :)
I was happy to be asked to participate in the latest "book tour" & offer my comments...
I' glad you liked my reference to St. Francis; he has long been a favorite Saint of mine & I think of him quite often whenever I am working in my own garden or as I watch the wildlife in my neighborhood.
God certainly has blessed us with this wonderful Earth we call home! :)

Christy Baldwin said...

Jennifer - Thanks for blogging a review of this book. I am so excited to hear that you liked it. I want to let your readers know that I am hosting a contest for all bloggers. Contact me at with at least one idea of how you plan to use the book with your family or students and I will put your name in a drawing for a free autographed copy of the book.