Sunday, May 17, 2009

Convoluted? No. Complicated?? Not really...

It's simple. Believe in life, all life, from conception to natural death. That's about as cut'n'dry as it gets, right? So, what's not to understand here??
What I don't understand is what all the arguing is about...the pro-death rallying around so-called officials who are supposed to have our good interests at heart, yet are hell-bent on murdering our children and grandchildren.
At this rate, who will be around to vote their own sons or daughters into office in 50 years? Certainly mine will be (since I didn't murder any of them), but I doubt very much that they would go for the liberal ticket. We taught them better than that...
I was reading Diane's Blog ( ) earlier today & I wanted to credit her with the following:
RaymondArroyo'sPostOnNancyPelosi . *Thanks, Diane, for providing us with the link!* (To read what Diane has to say, simply follow this one: HolyHourForBishops .) ~ a wonderful idea, by the way, and one which I intend to follow!
Since Diane & I share the same Archdiocese, I am posting this picture from her Blog of our new Archbishop Allen Vigneron (above), a native son who was recently appointed by His Holiness to step in for retiring Adam Cardinal Maida (left).
She has sent her readers to Raymond's Blog because he posted a prayer that is good for offering for our bishops. They can certainly use all the prayers they can get, as they deal daily with the dissenting "Catholic-In-Name-Only" politicians and judges who are in positions of power.
I would like to go one step further here & offer another link to another prayer, credit going to Human Life International...a prayer to convert the abortionists themselves:
PrayerForAbortionists . It is the time-honored Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel, written by Pope Leo XIII, the one which I am sure we all know ~ the same one which, in days gone by, was said after every Holy Mass offered in every Catholic Church in the country, but has now sadly fallen into much disuse.
In my own parish, we say it still ~ many times more than just after Holy Mass, but it cannot be said enough! The great Archangel will protect anyone who honors him in this way; there is no way he will refuse to help if we ask him!
Anyway, that's my "two cents" for the day. I think that what these others have posted says it all...

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