Sunday, February 22, 2009

What If...

This occurred to me yesterday as I sat in church listening to the parish announcements:
(They were extolling us to take home a postcard to sign, asking our State Representatives and Senators to vote against FOCA {Freedom of Choice Act}, which is an atrocity visited upon our nation by the latest Administration.)
I wondered, what if Our Lady had been pro-choice? What if She had decided, in Her Heart of hearts, that She did not want to be a Mother? What if being the Mother of God was too daunting for Her? She was, after a young girl of about 14 years of age, not married, avowed to remain a virgin for all of Her life...
What if, in Her Heart of hearts, She had so much doubt about Her ability to carry this Child within Her womb, to care for It after birth, to support the Life sustained by Her own ~ that's an awful lot to ask, isn't it?!?
Well?!? Isn't it?!?!?!
She had a choice. She was asked ~ not told ~ by the Angel if She would do this...She could have said, "I'm afraid I cannot do that! That is too much! Who does God think He is to ask this of me?!?"
And just think of the repercussions throughout history...
No blind man was to be cured. No maiden of doubtful virtue was to be rescued from being stoned to death. No fishermen of rough-hewn character were to be refined into "fishers of men." No miracle @ Cana. No miracle of the loaves and fishes. No salvation on Calvary!
No Eucharist!!! God forbid...
It may be that She could have refused, and we will never know all that would not come to be, if it weren't for Her "Yes!"
Indeed, She had a choice...but maybe to Her, there was no choice here. She was so in tune with the Will of God that to Her, the only reply was this "Yes!" There was no other response She could have given.
Anything less than this would never have occurred to Her. She may have been given a choice, but She is not pro-choice.
She is always begging Her children to pray the Rosary for those who would abort their own children; She cries for them! There have been incidents and miracles all over the world attributed to the intercession of our Holy Mother Mary. She comes to ask us all the time if we will make the choice to follow Her to Her Son.
What is our response to Her? Are we followers of the Divine Will? Who is this God Who asks such things of His people?!?
Will we abort the children whom He has created? Will we make the same choice as Mary did? Will the following of the Divine Will be so ingrained into our nature that to "choose" any other way will be abhorrent to us?!?
Well?!? Will it?!?


Kate said...

Amazing Jenn. I love love this entry. You write beautifully/ I'm trusting God with all of the whole Obama/Focca garbage..but it's so scary. It's really scary. The perspective that you wrote is awesome. Maybe you should send THAT out to our senators. hehe

~~JennD.'J.M.J.'~* said...

Thank-you, Katie!
Coming from someone who is as rabidly pro-life as I am, that is a real compliment... *grin*
It really just came to me the other day as we waited for Mass to begin. Obama scares me, anyway ~ even on other issues, as well. Having him in the White House for the next four (eight?) years makes me feel ill.
He desperately needs our prayers, even tho' he would never agree. :/

Tracy said...

Awesome, what a wonderful post. You have a gift for words.

~~JennD.'J.M.J.'~* said...

Tracy ~ That is a very sweet thing for you to say... :) I'm glad you like it!
Just think of all that would never have happened if Our Lady had said "no!" eh?
Hard to fathom that so many do exactly that...and I pray for them every day. I know one day God will change their hearts!

Gina said...

Excellent post!
Fancy even thinking of it that way, but it gives one something to think about - its a good come back for me now, when someone talks to me about how women should be pro-choice.
Good work Jenn!

*~JennD.'J.M.J.'~* said...

Gina ~
Thank-you very much! :)
I often wonder what would have happened if She had not gone ahead to become His Mother, y'know? ...and after that, to become ours too! She is such a wonderful Advocate to have on our side, I feel sorry for anyone who has no devotion to Her.
It makes me feel humble and VERY grateful that I had such good Catholic teachers when I was growing up; where would I be today??
Another thought to ponder... ;/