Friday, June 10, 2011

Blessed Sources

Well, here I am finally...back after a lo-ong hiatus from writing & the very first thing I intend to do is post a link to a Catholic site that was sent to me by a reader & follower, Jinny, who is a recent convert to our Faith & who was kind enough to send this link to me & suggest that I check it out: .
So far as I can tell, there is not a huge selection offered here, but I am assuming that is only because they are run by a small group, limited supplies of some things & other links within the site have nothing listed...but with that being said, of all the things that I did see, everything is strictly CATHOLIC! I like that alot!! lol...
I have never heard of the Scapular of St. Jude, but being a devotee, I would be willing to check it out...except that I already wear the Brown Scapular of Mt. Carmel...however, anything that promotes devotion to this most wonderful & kind-hearted Saint is good in my book!
There are other interesting & little-known offerings here as well, such as St. John's Wort blessed by Bl. Pope John Paul II, various chants on CD, a wooden Rosary blessed by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, and also blessed by him, a Scapular of St. Benedict. And a more popular & wide-spread devotional item is, of course, water from the Grotto @ Lourdes ~ one of my own personal favorites. *Our Lady has certainly helped my family out of several dilemmas whenever I have used Her sacramental, so this one is a HUGE deal to me.*
All in all, this site is surely worth a closer look for those who are looking for the unusual, strictly Catholic, items, some of which I don't think will be found anywhere if you are so inclined, feel free to check it out! You just might find something here that is not offered anywhere else & which might be just the ticket for your own needs. :)


Kay said...

Blog visitors are being redirected.

I don't know if you are updating this blog but wanted to let you know that this blog is redirecting folks to another site. I was puzzled about this so checked Google and it appears to be happening when a blogroll widget which has become defunct, is installed on a blog. More information is here:

You might want to check it out and remove the widget from your layout if you don't want people to get redirected. I could only access the blog to leave this comment by hitting the button to "stop pageloading." If you go to your blog, "My Musing," by some other way than from your dashboard, you will see the redirect. I hope you understand all this. I know there are a lot of abandoned blogs out there and maybe this is one of them. But if it were MY blog, I would want someone to take the trouble to tell me.

Thanks and blessings to you,

*~JennD.'J.M.J.'~* said...

dear Kay...
I am sorry to be so-o long in responding here...shame on me! :(
Anyway, I have tried to fix this problem but since I don't get re-directed when I log on, I'm not sure how to do it.
I have been telling my husband for months now that I really want to get back to writing in my Blogs, but with all the family obligations these days, I have had very little time to do so. So, when I do get a chance to do anything, I barely get through the "basic" must-do stuff & then I am off running again...
So, once again I will try to do as you request...will keep you posted if I get it figured out. xo
God bless you too!!