Monday, October 08, 2007

~*Our 'Be All and End All'...*~

Jesus Christ, Savior and Lord, King and Brother.
Which of these titles is the most descriptive of His role in our lives?
He has died and risen to open once and for all the Gates of Heaven, that's true, so it goes without saying that He is, indeed our Savior.
He is the One, True, Divine and Holy He is our Lord.
He will judge the living and the dead; He will sit at His Father's right hand for all eternity. So I could say that this makes Him our King.
And He is the firstborn and only Human Son of Mary, Mother of God...and He has given Her to us as our very own Mother. This literally makes Him our Brother, in every sense of the word.
So, no matter how I think of Him, these words fit.
Sometimes I go to Him in humble thanksgiving ~ hail to Him, the Savior of the World!
I know in my heart that I am a sinner in His sight, and His judgment of my soul makes me only that of a Lord of Heaven and Earth could do...and yet, with the love He shows me, I have to be humbly grateful and try my best to make Him proud of me.
When I think that I have done my worst ~ there He is, showing me even more compassion than I deserve. When I feel like I can't go on, there He is again...leading the Way.
When I receive Him in Communion, I have to fall to my knees in gratitude and worship. Sometimes all I can think to say, over and over again, is 'I love You! Dearest, You are welcome!'
The Cure d'Ars, St. John Vianney, once had a parishioner tell him that he would visit Our Lord in the Tabernacle and just sit there, looking at Him, and allow Him to look back.
This is sometimes what I do, too. I don't feel as if I have to be talking the whole time I am there; it is enough just that I am there, simply meditating on Him and what He shows me in my life ~ my life in Him...I desire nothing more than to be insignificant so as to make Him more significant! show His Presence in my soul, His Light, and His glory! This is what it's all about!
As Our Lord once said, He is the 'Beginning and the End' ~ He is the Idea that inspires a journey's beginning, and the Destination Itself. He is the Most Holy and the Heavenly Desire.
He brings us to Him in a day-to-day example of holiness...and He inspires us to persevere in that. And at the end of that day, every day, He is the End of the day, as well.
As Catholics, we are obliged to take up our crosses, what ever they might be, and follow Him ~ where ever that might lead. Whoever thought that the ideal life was to never have to suffer had it all wrong.
However we live the lives that He gives to us, this is how we will reach Heaven ~ to live, to suffer, to rejoice, to follow ~ the same Way that we see in His example.
He is truly our 'Beginning and End'...our
'Be All and End All'...our 'Savior and Lord, King and Brother!'
He has already shown us the only remains for us to follow ~ He has loved us forever...and all He asks is that we return the favor!

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