Monday, November 19, 2007

Mother of All Souls...

On the side of this Blog, under 'Links' there is listed an organization to which I have belonged for about two or three years now...the Friends of the Suffering Souls. If you go there, you will find a group of prayerful people who have the Souls in Purgatory uppermost in their minds, especially during this month of November.
Starting today, they are having a Novena in honor of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, and Her Feast Day under this title is 27 November...perfect for a nine-day prayer for the Suffering Souls.
Another title of Hers, Who seems to have no end of them, is Star of the Sea. This name was given to Her in honor of all the work She has done bringing people to Heaven from out of Purgatory, especially on Saturdays, Her special time of the week. As She enters this place of suffering, She is seen as if She is coming across a great sea ~ a sea of fire and pain ~ to relieve the agony they endure and bringing with Her the great Promise of Her Son.
(In this life, She is also called by this title for Her protection of those who live and work the Her Son accompanied His Apostles on their fishing expeditions and they enjoyed His protection there, so too She accompanies sailors and fishermen on their voyages across the great seas of this life, keeping them from harm.)
I don't know about anyone else (reading this Blog today) but I am going to take part in the Novena. I want to assure Her protection for my family and loved ones; I want to ask Her to relieve the suffering of the people in Purgatory, who can't relieve themselves anymore...and who depend on our prayers to help them. And the best way I can think to do this is to pray and pray much!
When She appeared to St. Catherine Laboure, giving us the Miraculous Medal, She told her that many graces are not given because no one ever asks for what are we waiting for? Why do we hesitate to take Her up on such a wonderful offer? Is She not our Mother? Is She not our Queen? Does She not want to see us in Heaven?
Her entire existence revolves around Her Son Jesus Christ ~ the Savior of the world...and there is nothing He wants more than to save every one of us, the children of His Father, and His own brothers and therefore, there is nothing our Blessed Lady wants more, either, than to save us all! And did not Our Lord Himself tell us 'Knock and you shall receive'?!? When He was in that boat with the Apostles and they were afraid of a storm which had suddenly come upon them, all He did was rise from His seat and tell the storm to calm itself. That's all. So, why, when we are asking for anything to do with our very salvation, would He not give it to us?
At the Wedding Feast of Cana, when Our Lady asked Him to help the bride and groom, He did exactly as She asked...and She showed Her trust in Him by simply telling the waiters to 'do as He instructs you to do.'
When we put all of this together, we can easily see that, whatever Our Lady asks of Her Son, taking our prayers and petitions to Him through the purity of Her Immaculate Heart, hence what He sees as coming directly from Her, He will grant to Her, and consequently, to us!
There again ~ asking for graces, through Our Lady ~ prayers that go directly to Him...and cannot be refused!
To show such a Faith and trust in the Son of God and all that He wishes us to believe...I can't think of anything to keep me from flying to Him this very minute, begging all that I need for my own soul, the souls of my family and loved ones, the souls of all the suffering in this world, those of the people I meet ~ through my daily life and on the Internet ~ and the souls of those whom I have never met, but who are completely dependent upon my prayers and sacrifices to get them to their place of eternal rest and joy.
What a beautiful mission to be so important in the eyes of God Himself, that we should each be so chosen to be an instrument of this prayer!
Think about it...He can refuse us nothing, simply because He loves us! With power like that we could convert the world, we could empty Purgatory!
Let us begin today...Let us begin now...Let us pray...

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