Monday, May 26, 2008

A Blessed New Life...

Seven weeks ago, my son and his wife welcomed into the world their new son. A beautiful, healthy, perfect little boy ~ another life to give glory to Almighty God for all eternity. His name is Andrew Michael, and he came to us on Monday, 7 April, 2008. He has darkish hair and hazel eyes ~ so far...altho' how long that will stay the same, I have no idea. But isn't God wonderful in the way He brings new life to us, shows us His glory and creation in every life!
I have been pro-life all my life ~ and for that I am grateful to Him ~ such a grace does not come easy to some, but to me there is nothing in the world that makes more sense...How do we say who lives and who does not? How do we look at such innocence, such beauty and tell Him that He has wasted His power?!? We don't. Of course, I'm sure that if my own family members had not all been born relatively healthy and into such a loving atmosphere, then maybe it would not be so easy for me to be this way. I might have to struggle daily to see the value in this life we all share. What if my babies had not been born perfect? What if, to this day, we were struggling with problems ~ very real problems ~ and not the least of which could possibly be financial or health-related?!? Or both... There is a deacon in our parish who spends a great deal of his time helping with pro-life causes. He and his wife regularly witness at abortion clinics, passing out rosaries and pamphlets, praying for those who see no other way out than to take the lives of their own babies ~ and I daresay he has probably been instrumental in saving countless lives. God bless him for that! This is my own public thanksgiving to God Himself for granting the grace of being pro-life to me and to my entire family. May we always appreciate all that He has done for us!
Let us pray for all those who are still pro-death, who think nothing of killing their children through abortion, who use artificial means to prevent their conception, whose lifestyle flies in the Face of God...and shows Him that His work of creation is not universally respected and appreciated.
Let us pray that Our Lady, the Queen of all Life, will grant the graces we all need to continue pro-life efforts, to pray for those who still deny that gift to others ~ and that they too will be grateful to Him for all that they have in their own lives...and how much more they could have if they just gave it a chance.

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