Tuesday, July 22, 2008

To Know Him is to Love Him...

To be called to the state of Matrimony is not a right, to be taken lightly. It is a Sacrament, instituted by God for the protection and sanctification of the family unit, to give children (and the men and women so called) a safe haven, a refuge from the outside world ~ people to lean on in times of hardship, to love in good times and bad, to experience joy and His peace.
To have a baby is not a right. To be a mother is a privilege, an honor, a grace bestowed by Almighty God upon a woman for life; the same goes, without saying of course, for a man and the calling to be a father.
The current trend in Hollywood is appalling, to say the least...so many starlets having babies out of wedlock, mostly to the tune of exposure in magazines, on talk shows, in all the tabloids ~ and for what?!? To be noticed? To get the biggest part in a blockbuster movie? Just because a girl's name is up front in the latest headlines is no reason to put more spotlight on her lack of morals and upbringing!
It used to be that someone in the public eye was shamed into hiding if she had a baby without the benefit of a husband. And to cheat with another woman's spouse was completely forbidden!
How well I remember the scandal when Elizabeth Taylor first began to see Eddie Fisher behind Debbie Reynolds' back...and soon enough, blatantly before her very eyes. When Ingrid Bergman had an affair outside of her own marriage, she was blackballed ~ she went all the way to Europe to be with her lover, leaving her family and career in her wake.
Now we hear about Jamie Lynn Spears, Nicole Ritchie, Jessica Alba and who knows who else!?!
I was reading Dr. Laura's Blog yesterday and, since I haven't had a chance to write in this Blog in the past couple of weeks, and this is a subject near and dear to my heart, I thought I would take a cue from her and expand just a little with my own opinion.
The women who bring up their children to honor God's law will be rewarded with the knowledge that they did what was required of them in their vocation of motherhood ~ to raise up Saints to give praise and eternal worship to Him. To bring up a child only to see him or her develop into something less than what God intended is unconscionable...that poor soul is most likely destined to a life without moral compass and direction...most likely on the way to perdition.
These young women ~ and the men they sleep with ~ show absolutely no example to their offspring, other than that of a life of abandon, free sex, devil-may-care and do-whatever-feels-good!
When the children grow up to abuse drugs, take advantage of others in all their dealings, giving nothing back to society except to go about with the attitude that they can do no wrong because the media and society in general is afraid to tell them that what they do is sinful...another generation of souls is lost.
Someone once said that the greatest achievement the Devil ever had was to convince mankind that he does not exist. I fear that this day and age, with all the blatant liberalism gone rampant, is the most sinful ever seen ~ and it continues to get worse.
Yes, the Devil has brainwashed many in Hollywood and everywhere else that what they do is not a sin, not wrong by God's standards at all. How could it be a sin if sin comes from Satan and he is nowhere to be found?!?
Only when we wake up and learn God's Word...then we will find out the Truth. The Truth is Jesus Christ. The Word is Jesus Christ. The Way to Heaven is Jesus Christ.
I don't think He suffered and died for us just to have us throw it back in His Face.
I daresay that He is not pleased. We could be in big trouble here...

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