Saturday, August 30, 2008

One Helps the Other...

As I said recently in a post about the Friends of the Suffering Souls, there are many benefits to belonging to such an organization as of which is the fact that, as souls are released into Heaven, those who pray and offer Holy Mass stipends for them are the happy recipients of their prayers, once they stand before the Throne of the Most Blessed Trinity. There was a story shared by Ben Forshaw, the director of FOSS, and I have been given permission to share this with my own readers, both for their spiritual edification and for my own "memory boost" so to speak... A member had written to him about the death of her mother, who was a member of FOSS and how holy that death had been:

I just want to let you know that my mother, Marjorie whose date is 31st December died on the 11th July this year. There were so many graces and miracles surrounding her death Ben it was incredible. Firstly, she received an Apostolic Blessing from the priest who converted Mum 53 years ago. Mum always prayed to St Therese, the Little Flower, before she converted to become a Catholic & she reckoned that it was St Therese who told her to convert. While I was beside her bed when dying I had my Pieta Prayer Book (always carry it with me) and I found the prayer to St Therese where you asked her send you a rose from the heavenly garden. Well I said this prayer asking St Therese to send Mum a rose from heavenly garden before she died. A few hours later, a nun in the Nursing Home where Mum was, brought in a pure white rose for her, that was unbelievable but when I said the prayer a second time, a second nun arrived with another rose. I knew then that St Therese was with Mum. The whole Nursing Home was coming and going to see her the day she died, she was unconscious of course, but the Staff and Residents all came to tell us how she brought love or humour into their lives. It was amazing – and that’s how I know God was with her. I had to share this story with you Ben because I have had Mum enrolled into the FOSS of a long time now & I believe with all my heart that all the Masses she has been enrolled in was her saving Grace. I am so grateful to God for bringing FOSS into my life and the lives of my family. As a family we have so many issues but one day they will all know how much God has been working through me with FOSS. This IS THE BEST way I have of loving my family. The week before she died, somehow she recognized me ('cause usually she didn't) and she grabbed my hand & said: "everything will be alright now, Maria is here." I knew God was there with us and at that moment peace just filled me. That moment was worth a million! Miracles to do happen Ben even into today’s world, we just need the Grace to see them and acknowledge them. Please share this story if you wish if you think it will help other people.

And so there you have it. The holy life and death of this woman, who was a convert, was no doubt due to her devotion to God (that goes without saying, doesn't it?) and to the sweet St. Therese. Other than the yearly requirement of having one Holy Mass said for all members and the Suffering Souls themselves, I would also like to offer here the chance for anyone reading this to do something really wonderful for Our dear Lord ~ give to Him, right now, the offering of yourselves in honor of His Mercy and the expiation of all sins ~ both venial and mortal ~ and to quench that thirst that all Suffering Souls endure for His divine Justice.
The thing about His Justice is that...even tho' He is our most Merciful and gracious Lord, He is also all Just...and that Justice must be satisfied!
And when we practice Charity for others like this, we satisfy that Justice in a most loving and profitable way.
So, then...shall we begin?

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