Monday, August 25, 2008

If You Are Catholic, Then You Must Believe...

There was a discussion going on in a website that I visited the other day...and I was wondering, just how many Roman Catholics are there out there who profess the Faith, and yet do not believe it?!?
I'm talking about basics here...if Jesus Christ founded our Church, gave His stamp of approval, covered it with His Precious Blood and gave to St. Peter the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven...what's not to believe here?
There was a woman in there who was complaining that, even tho' she was a cradle Catholic and claimed to be a daughter of the Church, as soon as the Pope was quoted as saying that our Faith is the True Faith and necessary for salvation, she was actually thinking of leaving the Church!!!
I couldn't believe what I was reading...
So I left a comment asking her if she did not believe in the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, then what was she doing there?!?
Of course, there was no response...
Figures, eh?
I'll bet she either began to think again about what she was saying or she actually left the Faith by now ~ sadly this is true of people that I even know in person.
An old friend had told me once that when the scandal was happening about our priests being accused of molesting children years ago, she and her husband thought about leaving. No way, I say ~ less than one percent of all priests were accused/if guilty at all ~ and even then, are they not human? Do they not deserve a chance at redemption? Do they carry this guilt with them forever?
Or do we practice what we preach here? And if we do, how many times?
Seven? Seventy? Seventy times seven? question, eh? One with an interesting answer...and where have we heard that answer before?
You see, there is no way the Church is perfect. Holy Mother Church is made up of humans and as such is plagued with their sins...and we will not escape this sad fact until we are all in Heaven!
But then again...when the Holy Father speaks ex cathedra, he makes no mistakes, as we all know. And when he teaches that the Church is the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church that was founded and left to us by the Son of God Himself, then I tend to believe that he knows what he is talking about!
So it all boils down to this: The way I see it, if I claim to be Catholic then I must believe. If I were to change everything around to suit myself, picking and choosing what I wanted to believe or not believe, then what would that make me?
Nothing more than 'all talk'...

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