Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Opus Sanctorum Angelorum

From the first moment God thought of me, I was destined to have the Guardian Angel that I have...I tend to refer to him as 'Friend' as that is what he has always been to me ~ my very best, most constant Friend. My Guardian Angel has the same personality that I have, only on a much higher there is no chance that another Angel would have suited me better than he does...
Right now I am in my third month of becoming an Associate Member of the Opus Sanctorum Angelorum...or, 'The Work of the Holy Angels.'
The word 'Angel' actually refers more to what an Angel does than what he is...the word means 'sent' or 'messenger' in 'Messenger of God' ~ ie, St. Raphael, who was 'sent' to guide Tobias...or St. Gabriel, who was 'sent' to give the Good News to Our Blessed Lady at the Annunciation...or even St. Michael himself, the great leader of the Archangels, who gave the battle cry, 'Who is like God?!?' and then 'sent' Lucifer to the Netherworld of eternal damnation.
I have barely begun to scratch the surface of this wonderful organization, but I cannot wait to become a member...I am learning so much about Angels, my own Friend in particular.
If I decide to go on with this, I may become an Active Member, which requires an additional three years probation. (Associate Members have one year.)
The Associate Membership begins when I am officially consecrated to my most beloved Angel; and if I were to go on to Active Membership, I would be consecrated to the entire Celestial Choir.
Every month I am introduced to more readings, more prayers, more practice of listening to Friend, getting really used to 'hearing' him and what he is trying to tell me.
One must learn to quiet the mind, already overactive due to our busy, overburdened lives...the voice of our Angel is just waiting to be heard and heeded.
Even when we are resting, sleeping, quiet...our Angel is busy, he never leaves the Presence of the Eternal Trinity, yet he is ever at our side. Besides all that, he has the ability to bilocate, so if we wish to place ourselves (spiritually) in the Presence of the Blessed Sacrament, or we cannot finish our daily Rosary before midnight, because of any legitimate reason...our Angel stands ready to take our place, or to say the Beads for us ~ we need only ask ~ and if we send him to visit the Eucharist in our stead, he joins his voice to the already three thousand Angels who are in constant attendance before each and every Tabernacle in the world, a full Court of worship at every Consecration.
I will most likely be posting more about the Angels as time goes on; I am learning more and more all the time.
If anyone who reads this Blog is interested in learning more about the Angels themselves, most especially the Guardians, just check out my list of Favorite Links to the right of this page.
There is so much more to say about the Opus, our Angels, the wonders of God's He gave each of us our own special 'friend' to be always near, guiding and protecting us. There is no way to cover this subject in one single blog.
Therefore, I won't even try...I'll just take it one step further each time.


kiwisuz said...

I had become an Associate member last December. First heard about Opus Sanctorum Angelorum from a book I picked up in Medjugorje 8 years ago, about Maria Simma, who was visited by souls in Purgatory. She was in her 90's in Austria and was a Active Member of OA for many years. I always had a great love for my Best friend,
my ever present Guardian Angel.
At the Saint Michael Shrine on the Gargano in Italy, I asked St. Michael to join his army on earth,
in this evil war on earth.
I pray and strive to be an Active member.
My prayers go with you as I ask Our Lady and Her Angels to assist you in all your needs.

~~JennD.'J.M.J.'~* said...

Thank-you so very much for your kind thoughts and comments!
I was pleasantly surprised to receive your post and I welcome any prayers that you care to send to Our Lady, Queen of All Angels...
I, too, would love to become an Active member, but for now must await my consecration to my own beloved Friend in April.
I will pray for you if you will do the same for me...and in Heaven, we will be eternally happy with our Angels!
God bless! ~ J.

Anonymous said...

I am an Associate memberof the OA, and I was just conscrated to my beloved angel on Penecost of this year. We have the obligation to keep striving to holiness through our angel. I am having a deeper union with Our Lord by receiving Him in Holy Communion even on a daily basis, and many visits to Him in the Most Blessed Sacrament. My angel keeps reminding me when I slack off to keep up with my spiritual life. To perservere in prayer and good works.
I also pray that I will be an Active member. May God Bless you and Our Lady of the Angels protect you. EC

*~JennD.'J.M.J.'~* said...

Congratulations, EC, on your consecration! I'm sure your Angel is very pleased to have this new, greater closeness with you!
I have been an Assoc. member now for over a year and it has been a wonderful, prayerful journey with my holy Guardian at my side.
Perhaps one day soon you, kiwisuz & I will all be Active members, sharing in the many graces and blessings that come from that deeper connection to all of the Holy Angels!!! xo

Jim Dobbins said...

Thank you for your blog. I feel inspired to investigate becoming a member. I have always felt close to my Guardian Angel, and, not knowing his name,I call him John because I also feel close to St. John the Apostle. Thank you.
Jim Dobbins

*~JennD.'J.M.J.'~* said...

Thank-you, Jim! I feel very blessed to be consecrated to my own Guardian! I promise you, if you do become a member, you will NOT regret it! Especially if you have been close to your own Angel all your life...
I am thinking I might post about my Angel again sometime's been too long since I've posted anything here! And that would be a great place to start, eh? ;)
I have been to your website & you are doing a marvelous job spreading the Faith to others ~ many blessings upon you & your ministry over the 'Web. Maybe we shall meet again, eh? ...after you become a member of the OA, and are able to tell others about your own experience there! :)

Therese said...

Hi, I too am an Associate member of the Confraternity of the Holy Angels. In fact, I just attended the annual retreat for our area this past weekend.

How beautiful it was, as always!

I love the theology of the Holy Angels, and how it reveals God's plan for them to cooperate in the plan of redemption. Before joining OSA, I had never before considered the humility of our guardian angels in faithfully serving us; or how they love to do it in imitation of Our Lord.

Unlike others, I mostly neglected my poor angel all of my life, only saying the "Angel of God" prayer once in awhile, and hardly thinking of him at all.

Then, shortly after Christmas one year, I found myself constantly thinking about angels, I couldn't understand this and really wondered where these thoughts were coming from. About a week later, I received a letter in the mail from a very dear friend.

She told me about a wonderful retreat (the OSA retreat) which was coming to our area, and she insisted that I attend. When I read that it concerned angels, I KNEW that was why I had been suddenly thinking about these heavenly beings.

My first retreat was an absolute joy. The priests were so reverent and so full of LOVE for Jesus, especially in the Most Blessed Sacrament. I knew that I wanted to be a part of something which gave so much glory to God.

I made my consecration in January, 2008, and like the rest of you, am now in formation for active membership.

It was so nice to find this blog, and to learn of others who are members. May God make each of us holy and pleasing to Him, and may we listen well to our holy angels and work with them to help save souls who will love Jesus forever!

Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, heaven and earth are full of Your Glory. Hosanna in the highest. Blessed is he who comes in the Name of the Lord. Hosanna in the highest.

I look forward to visiting here often.