Sunday, July 08, 2007

Blessed be Jesus Christ!

True God and True Man...Our beloved Savior.
I have been missing Him so much, trying all week long to pay Him a visit in the Tabernacle...and I have sent Friend there more than once...but I couldn't seem to get there in person until today.
I finally got over to church for today's 4:30 pm Holy Mass.
When I came back to my pew at Communion, I could barely contain my joy at receiving Him once more into my heart! I practically fell to my knees and burst forth with thanksgiving...I'm sure He must have thought I had officially 'lost it'...but I've missed Him so much.
After Holy Mass was over, I stayed to finish my Chaplet to the Victorious Queen, and a few others stayed to visit as well.
And this is one of the things I love about our new parish 'home' ~ Ss. Cyril & Methodius.
We have been registered @ St. Ephrem's parish for nearly 20 years, ever since coming here to this town, but if I had known about Ss. C&M at the beginning, I would have insisted that we register there instead...even tho' they are about three miles further down the road ~ a small price to pay when the devotion of a parish is so great.
We have only been (officially) registered there since Feb., at the beginning of Lent, but I was going there for nearly two years before I finally asked Fr. Ben if he minded having a family registered with 'dual citizenship' ~ to which he promptly laughed and replied that I would not be the first to do so!
In all my years there is one thing that I have noticed about different parishes...where there is the greatest devotion to Our Lord in the Holy Eucharist, where the rubrics are followed faithfully, where the people are fully in line with Rome in all things...that parish will thrive!

I don't believe that there has ever been a report of a church being robbed or invaded when there was the Eucharist exposed for adoration...and I don't believe there ever will.
And if there is one thing I know about the Hidden Home of Our Lord ~ and that is that the more I get to visit Him there, the more I want to go again.
I am probably one of the luckiest souls on Earth in that I live so near a parish where He is exposed with such regularity, and that I don't feel alone in my wanting to spend more time with Him there than what is strictly required @ Holy Mass.
Bl. Francisco Marto of Fatima had a great devotion to Jesus in the Tabernacle, going every day for hours on end to stay with Him in His Hidden Home ~ he had the habit of calling Him 'the Hidden Jesus'...and I want to be like that.
If I don't get there as often as I like, I almost go into a type of withdrawal...I have Him on my mind all day, my Angel prompting me to say extra prayers, make Spiritual Communions...
I only hope and pray that more people will have that veil lifted from their eyes as well, and that someday, when we are all being judged for our actions, we will be able to stand with Him and claim that 'Yes, dearest Lord Jesus, we knew You when You were in Your Hidden Home!'

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