Sunday, July 01, 2007

Writing a Blog...

I have this Blog, eh?
Actually, I have two. One here, one on Yahoo 360*. I would like to keep up with both of them, and I hope I do.
I will have to come up with twice as much to say, so at least I will 'get it all out there' ~ for better or worse.
If anyone actually happens upon this, they can also check out my other one @ the right of this page.
When I was much younger I was usually at a loss for words, but something happened as I grew up ~ suddenly I was able to let my feelings be known, my voice heard.
What is it about changing as we grow older? How does a shy little wallflower like me become somebody with an opinion? When did I decide that what I had to say mattered as much as anyone else out there?
I credit my husband Michael with much of my case, he is the one who makes me feel like I have something to say, that I have something of value to contribute to others that is worth giving.
I was unable, as a child, to make myself be heard ~ my wants and opinions never mattered much to anybody else. Now, however, I have outgrown all that...and living with a man who lets me be who I am has allowed me to 'bloom where God has planted me.'
I guess it all boils down to this one thing: there is a Master Plan for each of our lives. We start out as we are, tiny, helpless, dependent on everyone else for everything. As we mature, we decide whether or not we want to be understood. We 'grow' into ourselves. After we become adults, we are who we are...and each of us has something to say, to contribute ~ whether or not we choose to do it is our decision. I pity anyone who decides to keep it all to him/herself...they will never know what they missed ~ and the world will be the worse for that.
My Blogs are my own 'spaces'...where I will go from time to time to say what I have on my mind, whether it be about children (I have eight), my Art (I am a freelance artist), a book I have read...whatever I like. I'm sure we all feel that way about our own 'spaces' as well. We all need a corner where we can go to be anything or anyone we choose.
Whoever created these Blogging websites on the Internet had a wonderful idea...that is, as long as one doesn't abuse the privilege!
The Internet can be a wonderful place to hang out...if it is kept to the good. Prayer for others is a top priority to me. I have met so many wonderful people for whom I can pray now; I know they pray for me! My Blogs will be used for that same good ~ a prayer here and there for any intention, a post about my Catholic Faith and what It means to me, my family and my life with them, and wherever else the wind blows me!
For now, it has left me here...


Heather said...

Well I am glad to see you on blogger, too, Jenn! :o)

You are quite an inspiration to me!

God bless,

~~JennD.'J.M.J.'~* said...

Thanks much, Heather! :)
I'm glad to be here...J.