Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Double Great Novena...

Finally, I have a chance to come in here and post ~ I have wanted to write for the past week or more, but have not had an opportunity to do so.
It suddenly occurred to me earlier today that I have never "reminisced" about the Double Great Novena...something that I was able to complete a few years ago, along with my two daughters, Theresa & Laura.
It all started when Our Lord appeared to Sr. Natalia in Hungary and asked her to spread this devotion ~ Nine First Fridays and Nine First Saturdays ~ and gave her 33 Promises that He was going to grant to anyone who completes the Nine Months of (mainly) Holy Communions.
Since the First Friday devotion is made up of going to Holy Communion for nine months and the First Saturday devotion consists of Confession, Holy Communion, the Rosary (at least five decades) and a fifteen minute meditation on the Mysteries, they are a match "made in Heaven."
To pair the two of them together makes up the Double Great Novena, with the Saturday practice being increased to the full nine, to keep up with those of Friday.
If anyone who reads this is interested, here is a wonderful link to the whole story:
Promise #17, I must admit, was the main catalyst that prompted me to begin, wasting no more time!
"...If parents or other members of a family make this novena, no member of that family will be condemned to Hell..."
What could be a more wonderful, gracious Promise than that?!?
When I first began my novena, I was going to do it from September, 2004 til May, 2005. However, my daughters, who had just joined the Blue Army asked me if I could start again in October so they could do it too. I had never gotten the chance to complete my Five First Saturdays ~ even tho' I've been a member of the BA for nearly 30 years. I tried once years ago, got to the third month just fine; then I missed after that...and didn't get another chance until much later.
In the meantime, I am happy to say, I came across this novena. I bought a book that explained the whole thing and promptly decided that this was the way to go for me!
As it turned out, then, I was able to do this for ten months in a row. The three of us decided that we would love to do it forever afterwards, but in July, 2005, my husband Michael got sick and I had to quit.
Now that he is doing better, I intend to start up again ~ just as soon as I get over this broken leg. I am able to get around pretty well, now, thank God, but am not driving yet.
I must confess that I am looking forward to getting back to it... :)...

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Heather said...

Oh Jenn, I have not gotten to complete the First 5 Saturdays at all but plan to do so come this fall when there are more Saturday masses here in Borlänge. I am also going to start driving school this fall, so I will get my license and be able to get to Mass when I want to and dh can take care of Alex then.