Monday, June 02, 2008

My Next Move...

I was at my doctor's yesterday and I can finally start going to church on my own and KNEEL again!
I have to use a walking stick or keep my walker handy as I still have a hairline fracture, but for the most part, my broken leg is very nearly a thing of the past.
For having two broken bones ~ two of the largest, heaviest bones in my body ~ I must say that there was very little pain, much less than I would have expected. I have the Good Lord to thank for that; I really had something to offer up here, remembering the Holy Souls in Purgatory, my own family's intentions, the end to the so-called 'war' in Iraq...and much more.
In the meantime, I was finally consecrated to my beloved Angel ~ and I'm sure that this change in my life will have repercussions that will last for the rest of my days...until I meet him face to face!
Yes, this has been a most interesting, eventful year, and I have been on a real journey.
I chose to use this picture in my entry today because it shows the Blessed Eucharist, first of all, along with two Angels kneeling in worship ~ something I have not been able to do for so long it kills me inside...and the first thing I am going to do now that I can walk about somewhat (hopefully soon to drive) is stop in @ my church and spend an hour on my knees, in our new Adoration chapel, and give Him all my love and thanksgiving!!!
I was telling a friend of mine (who lives in England) a couple of months ago about my broken leg and she told me how surprised she was that I had gone and fallen down again (since my fall last September and suffering with a severely sprained knee) and I told her that I was only tired of one thing ~ I could not kneel in church. Now with a broken leg, there was no way ~ and she said that I had my answer from Him ~ "Don't worry, I know you want to kneel and give Me praise" ~ but it was not for this time...
Now, don't get me wrong here. I know very well that we can worship and praise our God while standing, sitting or lying down. We can pray while folding laundry, driving a car, doing yard work. We can give Him our undivided attention no matter what we are doing, anytime and anywhere, in any stance...but I can't deny that to kneel before the Holy Sacrament of the Altar is, to me, the ultimate in adoring "stance" humility, as a grateful child of God, even for me with my life's history of trick knees and spending half of my life sitting down!
I even have had difficulty genuflecting, before all this happened, but that's ok. We take it as it comes, don't we? I'm sure St. Peregrine had some problems kneeling when he had his cancer in his leg ~ but at least his problem was caused by kneeling in the first place. So much sacrifice, so much much reason to be grateful to God.
And now, it's my turn. I could only try to emulate such a man, eh?
So, I have made up my mind. When I do get the chance to get to church for an extra visit during the week, this will be the first thing I will do ~ kneel in gratitude before the Blessed Sacrament and thank Him for allowing me to suffer through these past few months, to have something special to offer up to Him.
And I will be happy to do so...

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